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adjective vo·lup·tu·ous \və-ˈləp(t)-shə-wəs, -shəs\

of a woman : very attractive because of having large hips and breasts

: giving pleasure to the senses

Full Definition of VOLUPTUOUS

a :  full of delight or pleasure to the senses :  conducive to or arising from sensuous or sensual gratification :  luxurious <a voluptuous dance> <voluptuous ornamentation> <a voluptuous wine>
b :  suggesting sensual pleasure by fullness and beauty of form <voluptuous nudes>
:  given to or spent in enjoyment of luxury, pleasure, or sensual gratifications <a long and voluptuous holiday — Edmund Wilson>
vo·lup·tu·ous·ly adverb
vo·lup·tu·ous·ness noun

Examples of VOLUPTUOUS

  1. <the voluptuous richness of the music>


Middle English, from Latin voluptuosus, irregular from voluptas pleasure, from volup pleasurable; akin to Greek elpesthai to hope, Latin velle to wish — more at will
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of VOLUPTUOUS

sensuous, sensual, luxurious, voluptuous mean relating to or providing pleasure through gratification of the senses. sensuous implies gratification of the senses for the sake of aesthetic pleasure <the sensuous delights of great music>. sensual tends to imply the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of the physical appetites as ends in themselves <a life devoted to sensual pleasures>. luxurious suggests the indulgence of sensuous pleasure inducing bodily ease and languor <a luxurious hotel>. voluptuous implies more strongly an abandonment especially to sensual pleasure <a voluptuous feast>.


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