noun \və-ˈzir\

Definition of VIZIER

:  a high executive officer of various Muslim countries and especially of the Ottoman Empire
:  a civil officer in ancient Egypt having viceregal powers
vi·zier·ate \-ˈzir-ət, -ˈzir-ˌāt\ noun
vi·zier·ial \-ˈzir-ē-əl\ adjective
vi·zier·ship \-ˈzir-ˌship\ noun

Origin of VIZIER

Turkish vezir, from Arabic wazīr
First Known Use: 1599


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Chief minister of the 'Abbasid caliphs and later a high government official in various Muslim countries. The office was originally held and defined by the Barmakids in the 8th century; they acted as the caliph's representative to the public, later serving a similar function for various sultans. In the Ottoman Empire the title could be held by several people at once; under Mehmed II the position of grand vizier, the absolute representative of the sultan, was created.

Variants of VIZIER

vizier Arabic wazir


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