noun \ˈvī-ˌkant\

: a man who is a member of the British nobility and who ranks below an earl and above a baron

Full Definition of VISCOUNT

:  a member of the peerage in Great Britain ranking below an earl and above a baron
vis·count·cy \-ˌkan(t)-sē\ noun
vis·county \-ˌkan-tē\ noun

Origin of VISCOUNT

Middle English viscounte sheriff, viscount, from Anglo-French visquens, visconte, from Medieval Latin vicecomit-, vicecomes, from Late Latin vice- vice- + comit-, comes count — more at count
First Known Use: 15th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

European title of nobility, ranking immediately below a count, or earl. The wife of a viscount is a viscountess. In the Carolingian period, the vicecomes were deputies or lieutenants of the counts (comes), whose official powers they exercised by delegation. In the 11th century most of Normandy was divided into vicomtés, but the viscountcy was not introduced into the English peerage until nearly 400 years after the Norman conquest.


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