noun \ˈvi-dē-ō-ˌtāp\

: tape on which movies, television shows, etc., can be recorded

: a movie, TV program, etc., that is recorded on videotape

Full Definition of VIDEOTAPE

:  a recording of visual images and sound (as of a television production) made on magnetic tape; also :  the magnetic tape used for such a recording

Examples of VIDEOTAPE

  1. I watched the movie on videotape.
  2. <watched a videotape of her daughter's first ballet recital>

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: to record (someone or something) on videotape

Full Definition of VIDEOTAPE

transitive verb
:  to make a videotape of <videotape a show>

Examples of VIDEOTAPE

  1. They videotaped the baby's first steps.

First Known Use of VIDEOTAPE



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Magnetic tape used to record visual images and sound, or the recording itself. There are two types of videotape recorders, the transverse (or quad) and the helical. The transverse unit uses four heads rotating on an axis perpendicular to the direction in which the tape is fed. The transverse format achieves 1,500-in.-per-minute head-to-tape speed, necessary for high picture quality. The helical unit uses tape traveling around a drum in the form of a helix. VCRs use a helical format, known as VHS (Video Home System), consisting of two helical bands and tape 1/2 in. (1 cm) wide.


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