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noun vid·eo \ˈvi-dē-ˌō\

Simple Definition of video

  • : a movie, television show, event, etc., that has been recorded onto a videocassette, DVD, etc., so that it can be watched on a television or computer screen

  • : a recorded performance of a song in which visual images are shown together with the music

  • : the moving images that are seen in a recording or broadcast

Full Definition of video

  1. 1 :  television; also :  the visual portion of television

  2. 2 :  videotape: as a :  a recording of a motion picture or television program for playing through a television set b :  a videotaped performance of a song often featuring an interpretation of the lyrics through visual images

  3. 3 :  a recording similar to a videotape but stored in digital form (as on an optical disk or a computer's hard drive)

Examples of video

  1. We're going to rent a couple of videos to watch this weekend.

  2. She was talking about a popular video she saw on the Internet.

  3. The video of their wedding was made by a professional company.

  4. The movie is available on video and DVD.

  5. a TV channel that plays videos all day

  6. Her latest music video was first released on the Internet.

Origin of video

Latin vidēre to see + -o (as in audio)

First Known Use: 1937

Other Audio Recording Terms

Rhymes with video

acid snow, afterglow, aikido, alpenglow, apropos, art deco, art nouveau, audio, Baguio, Bamako, barrio, bay window, Bergamo, bibelot, Bilbao, black widow, blow-by-blow, body blow, bone marrow, bordereau, Borneo, bow window, buffalo, Buffalo, bungalow, Bushido, buteo, calico, cameo, cachalot, cembalo, centimo, CEO, chassepot, cheerio, Clemenceau, cogito, comedo, comme il faut, counterflow, Cupid's bow, curaçao, Curaçao, curassow, curio, daimyo, danio, Delano, Diderot, do-si-do, domino, dynamo, embryo, entrepôt, Erato, escargot, Eskimo, extrados, fabliau, folio, French window, fricandeau, furbelow, gigolo, golden glow, go-no-go, grass widow, guacharo, hammer throw, hammertoe, haricot, heel-and-toe, hetero, high and low, HMO, Holy Joe, horror show, Idaho, in a row, indigo, in escrow, in the know, Jericho, kakapo, latigo, little toe, long-ago, Longfellow, Maceió, Maginot, Manchukuo, medico, Mexico, mistletoe, modulo, Monaco, Navajo, NCO, nuncio, oleo, olio, on tiptoe, Oreo, overflow, overgrow, overthrow, ovolo, Pamlico, Papago, paseo, picaro, piccolo, Pierrot, polio, pomelo, pompano, portico, PPO, Prospero, proximo, quid pro quo, radio, raree-show, ratio, Richard Roe, Rochambeau, rococo, rodeo, Romeo, rose window, round window, saddlebow, Sapporo, sapsago, Scapa Flow, Scipio, Scorpio, semipro, show window, sloppy joe, so-and-so, SRO, standing O, status quo, stereo, stop-and-go, studio, subito, tallyho, tangelo, Taranto, tic-tac-toe, TKO, to-and-fro, Tokyo, tombolo, touch-and-go, tournedos, tremolo, tuckahoe, tupelo, UFO, ultimo, undergo, undertow, Veneto, vertigo, vibrio, virago, vireo, Zhangjiakou, zydeco



adjective vid·eo

Simple Definition of video

  • : of or relating to the pictures that are seen in a recording or broadcast

  • : of, relating to, or involving videos that are shown on a television or computer screen

Full Definition of video

  1. 1 :  being, relating to, or used in the transmission or reception of the television image <a video channel> — compare audio

  2. 2 :  being, relating to, or involving images on a television screen or computer display <a video terminal>

Examples of video

  1. The video portion of the broadcast was fine but the sound was poor.

  2. The large video file took a while to upload on my computer.


First Known Use of video


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