noun \ˈvi-brē-ˌō\
plural vib·rios

Definition of VIBRIO

:  any of a genus (Vibrio) of short rigid motile bacteria that are straight or curved rods and include pathogens especially of gastrointestinal diseases (as cholera)
vib·ri·on·ic \ˌvi-brē-ˈä-nik\ adjective

Origin of VIBRIO

New Latin, Vibrion-, Vibrio, from Latin vibrare to wave
First Known Use: circa 1864

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noun \ˈvib-rē-ō\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of VIBRIO

capitalized : a genus of short rigid motile bacteria of the family Vibrionaceae that are straight or curved rods, have one or sometimes two or three polar flagella enclosed in a sheath, and include various saprophytes and a few pathogens (as V. cholerae, the cause of cholera in humans)
: any bacterium of the genus Vibrio; broadly : a curved rod-shaped bacterium


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of a group of aquatic, comma-shaped bacteria in the family Vibrionaceae. Some species cause serious diseases in humans and other animals. They are gram-negative (see gram stain), highly capable of movement (with one to three flagella at one end), and do not require oxygen. Their cells are curved rods, single or strung together in S-shapes or spirals. Two species are of significance to humans: one causes cholera, the other acute bacterial diarrhea.


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