adjective \ˈvē-nəl\

: willing to do dishonest things in return for money

Full Definition of VENAL

:  capable of being bought or obtained for money or other valuable consideration :  purchasable; especially :  open to corrupt influence and especially bribery :  mercenary <a venal legislator>
:  originating in, characterized by, or associated with corrupt bribery <a venal arrangement with the police>
ve·nal·i·ty \vi-ˈna-lə-tē\ noun
ve·nal·ly \ˈvē-nəl-ē\ adverb

Examples of VENAL

  1. <that judge is known for being venal and easily bought>

Origin of VENAL

Latin venalis, from venum (accusative) sale; akin to Greek ōneisthai to buy, Sanskrit vasna price
First Known Use: 1652


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