noun \ˌvē-(ˌ)sē-ˈär\

: a machine that is used to make and watch video recordings of television programs, movies, etc.

Full Definition of VCR

:  a device that uses videocassettes for recording and playing back videotapes

Origin of VCR

videocassette recorder
First Known Use: 1971


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Electromechanical device that records, stores on a videotape cassette, and plays back on a TV set recorded images and sound. The first commercial VCRs were marketed by Sony Corp. in 1969. VCRs are used to record broadcast TV programs for later viewing and to play commercially recorded cassettes. They have from two to seven tape heads that read and inscribe video and audio tracks on magnetic tape. Home movies can be made with a camcorder system, a VCR connected to a simple video camera.

Variants of VCR

VCR in full videocassette recorder


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