adjective val·iant \ˈval-yənt\

: having or showing courage : very brave or courageous

Full Definition of VALIANT

:  possessing or acting with bravery or boldness :  courageous <valiant soldiers>
:  marked by, exhibiting, or carried out with courage or determination :  heroic <valiant feats>
val·iant·ly adverb
val·iant·ness noun

Examples of VALIANT

  1. She died last year after a valiant battle with cancer.
  2. Despite their valiant efforts, they lost the game.
  3. She made a valiant attempt to fix the problem.

Origin of VALIANT

Middle English vailant, valiant, from Anglo-French vaillant worthy, strong, courageous, from present participle of valer to be of worth, from Latin valēre to be strong — more at wield
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to VALIANT

bold, courageous, dauntless, doughty, fearless, gallant, greathearted, gutsy, gutty, heroic (also heroical), intrepid, lionhearted, manful, stalwart, stout, stouthearted, undauntable, undaunted, brave, valorous
chicken, chickenhearted, chicken-livered, coward, cowardly, craven, dastardly, fainthearted, fearful, gutless, lily-livered, milk-livered [archaic], nerveless, poltroon, poor-spirited, pusillanimous, spineless, spiritless, timorous, uncourageous, ungallant, unheroic, weakhearted, yellow



Definition of VALIANT

:  a valiant person

First Known Use of VALIANT

VALIANTNESS Defined for Kids


adjective val·iant \ˈval-yənt\

Definition of VALIANT for Kids

:  boldly brave <valiant knights>
:  done with courage :  heroic
val·iant·ly adverb <“… his house was invaded by a hundred spirits. He valiantly seized a broom to fight them off …” — Lloyd Alexander, Time Cat>


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