adjective \ˈət-ˌmōst, especially Southern -məst\

: greatest or highest in degree, number, or amount

: farthest or most distant

Full Definition of UTMOST

:  situated at the farthest or most distant point :  extreme <the utmost point of the earth — John Hunt>
:  of the greatest or highest degree, quantity, number, or amount <a matter of utmost concern>

Examples of UTMOST

  1. <supreme power that extended to the utmost points of the empire>
  2. <inhabitants of the war-ravaged region are experiencing the utmost misery imaginable>

Origin of UTMOST

Middle English, alteration of utmest, from Old English ūtmest, superl. adjective, from ūt out, adverb — more at out
First Known Use: before 12th century



: the highest point or degree that can be reached

Full Definition of UTMOST

:  the most possible :  the extreme limit :  the highest attainable point or degree <the utmost in reliability>
:  the highest, greatest, or best of one's abilities, powers, and resources <will do our utmost to help>

Examples of UTMOST

  1. This new system represents the utmost in modern technology.
  2. It's designed to provide the utmost in comfort.
  3. We had to push ourselves to the utmost to finish the job in time.

First Known Use of UTMOST

before 12th century


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