noun \y-ˈrā-nə-ˌnīt\

Definition of URANINITE

:  a black octahedral mineral that consists of an oxide of uranium which usually contains thorium, lead, and rare earth elements and is the chief ore of uranium


German Uranin uraninite (from New Latin uranium) + English -ite
First Known Use: 1879


noun \y-ˈrā-nə-ˌnīt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of URANINITE

: a mineral that is basically a black octahedral or cubic oxide of uranium containing lead, thorium, and rare earth elements and that is the chief ore of uranium


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Uraninite in pitchblende from Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, embedded (for display) in a …—Courtesy of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; photograph, John H. Gerard

Uranium dioxide (UO), a major oxide mineral of uranium. Uraninite is radioactive and usually forms black, gray, or brown crystals that are moderately hard and generally opaque. The elements uranium and radium were first extracted from uraninite ore from what is now the Czech Republic. It has also been mined in Germany and Canada, and in the Colorado Plateau (U.S.). See also pitchblende.


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