verb \ˌəp-ˈend\

: to cause (something) to be upside down : to turn (something) over

: to cause (someone) to fall down or be turned over

Full Definition of UPEND

transitive verb
:  to set or stand on end; also :  overturn 1
a :  to affect to the point of being upset or flurried <a … literary shocker, designed to upend the credulous matrons — Wolcott Gibbs>
b :  defeat, beat
intransitive verb
:  to rise on an end

Examples of UPEND

  1. He upended the bicycle to fix its flat tire.
  2. I upended the bucket to use as a stool.
  3. The security inspector upended my bag and dumped everything out.
  4. A giant wave upended the surfers.
  5. The midfielder was upended before he got the ball.

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