adjective \-ˈse-təld\

: feeling nervous, upset, or worried : not comfortable

: not lived in by people : not inhabited or populated

: not yet finally decided or dealt with

Full Definition of UNSETTLED

:  not settled: as
a (1) :  not calm or tranquil :  disturbed <unsettled political conditions>
(2) :  likely to vary widely especially in the near future :  variable <unsettled weather> (3) :  not settled down <unsettled dust>
b (1) :  not decided or determined :  doubtful <an unsettled state of mind>
(2) :  not resolved or worked out :  undecided <an unsettled question>
c :  characterized by irregularity <an unsettled life>
d :  not inhabited or populated <unsettled land>
e :  mentally unbalanced
f (1) :  not disposed of according to law <an unsettled estate>
(2) :  not paid or discharged <unsettled debts>
un·set·tled·ness \-təl(d)-nəs\ noun

Examples of UNSETTLED

  1. We have some unsettled business to attend to.
  2. <we've been having a lot of unsettled weather lately>

First Known Use of UNSETTLED

circa 1586


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