adjective \ˌən-ˈpre-sə-ˌden-təd\

: not done or experienced before

Full Definition of UNPRECEDENTED

:  having no precedent :  novel, unexampled
un·prec·e·dent·ed·ly adverb


  1. The team has enjoyed unprecedented success this year.
  2. This level of growth is unprecedented.
  3. An unprecedented number of students are taking the class.
  4. … on one occasion, a president (Eisenhower) refers to himself as conservative. Four years later, the Republican presidential nominee (Goldwater) announces that he is a conservative. Another sixteen years later, Ronald Reagan, a self-declared conservative, is elected president by an overwhelming majority. By that time—1980—more Americans identify themselves as conservatives than as liberals. This was, and remains, a tectonic transformation, unprecedented in American history. —John Lukacs, Harper's, March 2008

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