verb \-ˈläk\

: to open the lock on (something)

: to find out about (something that was secret or unknown)

: to make (something) available for use

Full Definition of UNLOCK

transitive verb
:  to unfasten the lock of
:  open, undo
:  to free from restraints or restrictions <the shock unlocked a flood of tears>
:  to furnish a key to :  disclose
intransitive verb
:  to become unfastened or freed from restraints

Examples of UNLOCK

  1. Could you unlock the door for me?
  2. geneticists unlocking the secrets of DNA
  3. The material's potential was unlocked only through extensive testing.
  4. How can I unlock my computer if I've forgotten the password?
  5. This class will unlock your creativity.

First Known Use of UNLOCK

14th century


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