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adjective un·blessed \ˌən-ˈblest\

Definition of unblessed

  1. 1 :  evil, accursed

  2. 2 :  not blessed <an unblessed marriage>

13th Century

First Known Use of unblessed

13th century

Variants of unblessed



Rhymes with unblessed

abreast, abscessed, appressed, armrest, arrest, at best, at rest, attest, backrest, beau geste, bed rest, behest, bequest, blood test, congest, conquest, contest, crow's nest, depressed, detest, devest, digest, distressed, divest, egest, eighth rest, field-test, flight-test, footrest, gabfest, half rest, hard-pressed, headrest, high-test, hillcrest, hope chest, houseguest, imprest, incest, infest, ingest, inquest, interest, invest, Key West, lovefest, love nest, Mae West, mare's nest, Midwest, molest, northwest, patch test, posttest, pretest, professed, protest, redbreast, repressed, request, revest, road test, scratch test, screen test, sea chest, skin test, slop chest, slugfest, southwest, spot test, steam chest, stress test, suggest, Trieste, t-test, undressed, unrest, unstressed, war chest, whole rest, Wild West

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