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noun uki·yo–e \ü-ˌkē-ō-ˈyā, -ˈā\

Definition of ukiyo–e

  1. :  a Japanese art movement that flourished from the 17th to the 19th century and produced paintings and prints depicting the everyday life and interests of the common people; also :  the paintings and prints themselves

Variants of ukiyo–e



Origin and Etymology of ukiyo–e

Japanese ukiyo-e genre picture, from ukiyo world, life + e picture

First Known Use: 1879

Rhymes with ukiyo–e

African gray, areaway, Armistice Day, Ascension Day, auto-da-fé, bank holiday, beta decay, bioassay, boulevardier, cabriolet, café au lait, cantabile, Cardigan Bay, carry away, cDNA, Chesapeake Bay, chronicle play, communiqué, companionway, corps de ballet, costumier, couturier, décolleté, Delaware Bay, devil to pay, diamanté, Dies Irae, Discovery Day, Dominion Day, Election Day, electric ray, far and away, felo-de-se, fiddle away, Fiesole, Giant's Causeway, habitué, High Holiday, instant replay, Jamaica Bay, Jubilate, Korea Bay, laissez-passer, Lavoisier, medley relay, mezzo forte, microarray, Midsummer Day, miracle play, Morgan le Fay, objet trouvé, off-off-Broadway, out-of-the-way, papier collé, papier-mâché, pas de bourrée, Patriots' Day, photo-essay, Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly-Fumé, prêt-à-porter, Presidents' Day, roche moutonnée, Rogation Day, roman à clef, roturier, Saginaw Bay, sine die, sub judice, superhighway, Thanksgiving Day, Ulan-Ude, Valentine's Day, Veterans Day, yerba maté

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