Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary

plural Typhoid Marys

Definition of TYPHOID MARY

:  one that is by force of circumstances a center from which something undesirable spreads <the Typhoid Marys of the epidemics>


Typhoid Mary, nickname of Mary Mallon †1938 Irish cook in United States who was found to be a typhoid carrier
First Known Use: 1931

Rhymes with TYPHOID MARY

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Typhoid Mary

biographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(born 1870?—died Nov. 11, 1938, North Brother Island, N.Y., N.Y., U.S.) U.S. carrier of typhoid. A 1904 typhoid epidemic on Long Island was traced to households where she had been a cook. She fled, but authorities finally caught up with her and isolated her on an island off the Bronx. In 1910 she was released after agreeing not to take a food-handling job, but she did, causing more typhoid outbreaks. She was returned to the island for the rest of her life. Three deaths and 51 original cases were directly attributed to her.

Variants of TYPHOID MARY

Typhoid Mary byname of Mary Mallon


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