noun \ˈtər-bən\

: a head covering that is worn especially by men in some parts of the Middle East and in southern Asia and that is made of a long cloth wrapped around the head

Full Definition of TURBAN

:  a headdress worn chiefly in countries of the eastern Mediterranean and southern Asia consisting of a long cloth that is wrapped around a cap (as by Muslims) or directly around the head (as by Sikhs and Hindus)
:  a headdress resembling a turban; specifically :  a woman's close-fitting hat without a brim
:  a rolled stuffed fillet of fish <turban of sole>
tur·baned or tur·banned \-bənd\ adjective

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Origin of TURBAN

Middle French turbant, from Italian turbante, from Turkish tülbent, from Persian dulband
First Known Use: 1588

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