noun \ˈtü-ˌməlt, ˈtyü- also ˈtə-\

: a state of noisy confusion or disorder

: a state of great mental or emotional confusion

Full Definition of TUMULT

a :  disorderly agitation or milling about of a crowd usually with uproar and confusion of voices :  commotion
b :  a turbulent uprising :  riot
:  hubbub, din
a :  violent agitation of mind or feelings
b :  a violent outburst

Examples of TUMULT

  1. We had to shout to be heard over the tumult.
  2. The country was in tumult.
  3. Her mind was in a tumult of emotions.

Origin of TUMULT

Middle English tumulte, from Anglo-French, from Latin tumultus; perhaps akin to Sanskrit tumula noisy
First Known Use: 15th century


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