noun \ˈtəm-blər\

: a glass used for drinking that has a flat bottom and no stem or handle

: the amount of liquid held in a tumbler

: a person who performs athletic movements that involve rolling or turning along the ground or through the air

Full Definition of TUMBLER

:  one that tumbles: as
a :  one who performs tumbling feats :  acrobat
b :  any of various domestic pigeons that tumble or somersault backward in flight or on the ground
:  a drinking glass without foot or stem and originally with pointed or convex base
a :  a movable obstruction in a lock (as a lever, latch, wheel, slide, or pin) that must be adjusted to a particular position (as by a key) before the bolt can be thrown
b :  a piece on which the mainspring acts in a gun's lock
:  a device or mechanism for tumbling (as a revolving cage in which clothes are dried)
:  a worker who operates a tumbler
tum·bler·ful \-ˌfl\ noun

Examples of TUMBLER

  1. She drank a tumbler of water.
  2. a gymnast who's a skillful tumbler

First Known Use of TUMBLER

14th century


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