tsetse fly


tset·se fly

noun \ˈ(t)set-sē-, ˈtet-, ˈ(t)sēt-, ˈtēt-\

: a kind of fly found in Africa that bites people and animals, sucks their blood, and can spread a serious disease (called sleeping sickness) to humans

Full Definition of TSETSE FLY

:  any of several dipteran flies (genus Glossina) that occur in Africa south of the Sahara and include vectors of human and animal trypanosomes —called also tsetse — compare sleeping sickness

Origin of TSETSE FLY

Afrikaans, from Tswana tsètsè fly
First Known Use: 1865

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tsetse fly

noun    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of TSETSE FLY

: any of several dipteran flies of the genus Glossina that occur in sub-Saharan Africa and include vectors of human and animal trypanosomes (as those causing sleeping sickness and nagana)—called also tsetse

tsetse fly

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of about 21 species (genus Glossina, family Muscidae) of African bloodsucking dipterans that are robust, sparsely bristled, and usually larger than a housefly. They have stiff, piercing mouthparts. Only two species commonly transmit the protozoan parasites (trypanosomes) that cause human sleeping sickness: G. palpalis, found primarily in dense streamside vegetation, and G. morsitans, found in more open woodlands. The female requires a sufficient blood meal to produce viable larvae, but both sexes suck blood almost daily.


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