transitive verb \ˈtrəs\

: to tie up (someone) tightly to prevent movement

: to tie together the wings or legs of (a turkey, chicken, etc.) for cooking

Full Definition of TRUSS

a :  to secure tightly :  bind
b :  to arrange for cooking by binding close the wings or legs of (a fowl)
:  to support, strengthen, or stiffen by or as if by a truss
truss·er noun

Examples of TRUSS

  1. She stuffed and trussed the duck.
  2. <after stuffing the turkey, the chef quickly trussed it so the forcemeat wouldn't fall out during roasting>

Origin of TRUSS

Middle English to pack, load, bind, from Anglo-French trusser, trousser, from Vulgar Latin *torsare, from *torsus twisted — more at torsade
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with TRUSS



: a strong frame of beams, bars, or rods that supports a roof or bridge

: a special belt that is worn by someone who has a hernia

Full Definition of TRUSS

:  an iron band around a lower mast with an attachment by which a yard is secured to the mast
a :  bracket 1
b :  an assemblage of members (as beams) forming a rigid framework
:  a device worn to reduce a hernia by pressure
:  a compact flower or fruit cluster

First Known Use of TRUSS

13th century

Other Building Terms

batten, cistern, hearth, lath, transom, wainscot


noun \ˈtrəs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of TRUSS

:  a device worn to reduce a hernia by pressure
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