noun \ˈtri-gər-ˌfish\

Definition of TRIGGERFISH

:  any of various deep-bodied bony fishes (family Balistidae, especially genus Balistes) of warm seas having an anterior dorsal fin with two or three stout erectile spines

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Triggerfish (Balistes conspicillus).—Douglas Faulkner

Any of about 30 species (family Balistidae) of shallow-water marine fishes, found worldwide in tropical seas. Triggerfishes are deep-bodied, usually colourful fishes with large scales, high-set eyes, and three dorsal-fin spines, which they use for protection. When a triggerfish is threatened, it darts into a coral crevice and erects its large and strong first spine, which it locks in place with the second (the “trigger”); when the trigger is later withdrawn, the first snaps back down. Though generally considered edible, some cause food poisoning. The largest grow 2 ft (60 cm) long.


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