noun \ˈtre-səl also ˈtrə-\

: a frame that is made of a horizontal piece between two vertical pieces and that is used to support something (such as the top of a table)

: a complex structure that is used especially for supporting railroad tracks over a valley, river, etc.

Full Definition of TRESTLE

:  a braced frame serving as a support
:  horse 2b
:  a braced framework of timbers, piles, or steelwork for carrying a road or railroad over a depression

Variants of TRESTLE

tres·tle also tres·sel \ˈtre-səl also ˈtrə-\

Origin of TRESTLE

Middle English trestel, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *trastellum, from Latin transtillum, diminutive of transtrum traverse beam, from trans across — more at through
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Railroad Terms

cowcatcher, cupola, gauge, vestibule, yard

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