geographical name \ˈtren-tən\

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city of New Jersey on Delaware River pop 84,913

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geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

City (pop., 2000: 85,403), capital of New Jersey, U.S. It lies at the head of navigation on the Delaware River. Settled c. 1679 by English Quakers, it was incorporated in 1745. On Dec. 25, 1776, George Washington led his army across the ice-choked Delaware River to attack Hessian troops quartered at Trenton (see battles of Trenton and Princeton). It served as temporary capital of the U.S. in 1784 and 1799 and was made the state capital in 1790. The completion of a canal and railroad line in the 1830s spurred Trenton's industrial development, and it remains an industrial city.


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