verb \ˈtrl\

: to catch fish with a large net (called a trawl)

: to search through (something) in order to find someone or something

Full Definition of TRAWL

intransitive verb
a :  to fish with a trawl
b :  to make a search as if by trawling
:  troll 2a
transitive verb
:  to catch (fish) with a trawl

Examples of TRAWL

  1. The boat trawled far out at sea.
  2. a fishing boat trawling the ocean floor
  3. He trawled the Internet looking for Web sites on growing grapes.
  4. She was trawling through old letters for information about her family.

Origin of TRAWL

probably from obsolete Dutch tragelen
First Known Use: 1561



: a large net that a boat pulls along the bottom of the ocean to catch fish

Full Definition of TRAWL

:  a large conical net dragged along the sea bottom in gathering fish or other marine life
:  setline

First Known Use of TRAWL


Other Hunting and Fishing Terms

chum, covert, creel, flense, pitfall, seine, skulk, spoor


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