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adjective trans·lu·cent \-sənt\

Simple Definition of translucent

  • : not completely clear or transparent but clear enough to allow light to pass through

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of translucent

  1. 1 :  permitting the passage of light:a :  clear, transparent <translucent water>b :  transmitting and diffusing light so that objects beyond cannot be seen clearly

  2. 2 :  free from disguise or falseness <his translucent patriotism — Newsweek>

translucently adverb

Did You Know?

Look closely and you will see the same three letters in "translucent" and "elucidate," letting the family relationship between the two words shine through. Both terms descend from the Latin word lucēre, meaning "to shine." ("Translucent" is from "lucēre" plus "trans-," which means "through.") When you "elucidate" something, you make it clear by explaining it in a way that can be easily understood - you "shed light on" it. "Lucēre" is also the root of another bright and shining English word, "lucid," which can mean either "bright with light" or "clear and easy to understand."

Origin of translucent

Latin translucent-, translucens, present participle of translucēre to shine through, from trans- + lucēre to shine — more at light

First Known Use: 1607

Synonym Discussion of translucent

clear, transparent, translucent, limpid mean capable of being seen through. clear implies absence of cloudiness, haziness, or muddiness <clear water>. transparent implies being so clear that objects can be seen distinctly <a transparent sheet of film>. translucent implies the passage of light but not a clear view of what lies beyond <translucent frosted glass>. limpid suggests the soft clearness of pure water <her eyes were limpid pools of blue>.

clear, perspicuous, lucid mean quickly and easily understood. clear implies freedom from obscurity, ambiguity, or undue complexity <clear instructions>. perspicuous applies to a style that is simple and elegant as well as clear <a perspicuous style>. lucid suggests a clear logical coherence and evident order of arrangement <a lucid explanation>.

TRANSLUCENT Defined for Kids


adjective trans·lu·cent \trans-ˈlü-sənt\

Definition of translucent for Students

  1. :  not transparent but clear enough to allow rays of light to pass through

Medical Dictionary


adjective trans·lu·cent \-ənt\

Medical Definition of translucent

  1. :  permitting the passage of light; especially :  transmitting and diffusing light so that objects beyond cannot be seen clearly

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