noun \ˈtran(t)-ˌsept\

: the shorter area that goes across and sticks out from the long part of a church and that gives the church the shape of a cross when it is viewed from above

Full Definition of TRANSEPT

:  the part of a cruciform church that crosses at right angles to the greatest length between the nave and the apse or choir; also :  either of the projecting ends of a transept
tran·sep·tal \tran(t)-ˈsep-təl\ adjective

Origin of TRANSEPT

New Latin transeptum, from Latin trans- + septum, saeptum enclosure, wall
First Known Use: circa 1542


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Area of a cruciform (cross-shaped) church lying at right angles to the principal axis. The bay at which the transept intersects the nave is called the crossing. The nave of a church with a cruciform plan usually extends west from the crossing, the choir and sanctuary east. The arms of the transept are designated by direction, as northern transept and southern transept.


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