noun \ˈtran(t)-ˌskript\

: a written, printed, or typed copy of words that have been spoken

: an official record of a student's grades

Full Definition of TRANSCRIPT

a :  a written, printed, or typed copy; especially :  a usually typed copy of dictated or recorded material
b :  an official or legal and often published copy <a court reporter's transcript>; especially :  an official copy of a student's educational record
:  a representation (as of experience) in an art form
:  a sequence of RNA produced by transcription from a DNA template

Examples of TRANSCRIPT

  1. a transcript of a radio program
  2. a full transcript of the court proceedings
  3. a transcript of the senator's speech
  4. You must submit your college transcript with your job application.


Middle English, from Anglo-French transecrit, from Medieval Latin transcriptum, from Latin, neuter of transcriptus, past participle of transcribere
First Known Use: 14th century


noun \ˈtran(t)s-ˌkript\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of TRANSCRIPT

: a sequence of RNA produced by transcription from a DNA template


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