adjective \ˈtra-jik\

: causing strong feelings of sadness usually because someone has died in a way that seems very shocking, unfair, etc.

: involving very sad or serious topics : of or relating to tragedy

Full Definition of TRAGIC

:  of, marked by, or expressive of tragedy <the tragic significance of the atomic bomb — H. S. Truman>
a :  dealing with or treated in tragedy <the tragic hero>
b :  appropriate to or typical of tragedy
a :  regrettably serious or unpleasant :  deplorable, lamentable <a tragic mistake>
b :  marked by a sense of tragedy
trag·i·cal·ly \-ji-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Variants of TRAGIC

trag·ic also trag·i·cal \-ji-kəl\

Examples of TRAGIC

  1. Their deaths were tragic and untimely.
  2. They both died in a tragic car accident.
  3. Romeo and Juliet's tragic love affair.
  4. We saw a tragic play about a man with AIDS.
  5. the tragic characters of her novel

Origin of TRAGIC

Middle English, from Latin tragicus, from Greek tragikos, irregular from tragōidia tragedy
First Known Use: 15th century

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