noun, traf·fic often attributive \ˈtra-fik\

: all the vehicles driving along a certain road or in a certain area

: the movement of airplanes, ships, etc., along routes

: the amount of people who pass through a certain place or travel in a certain way

Full Definition of TRAFFIC

a :  import and export trade
b :  the business of bartering or buying and selling
c :  illegal or disreputable usually commercial activity <the drug traffic>
a :  communication or dealings especially between individuals or groups
b :  exchange <a lively traffic in ideas — F. L. Allen>
archaic :  wares, goods
a (1) :  the movement (as of vehicles or pedestrians) through an area or along a route (2) :  the vehicles, pedestrians, ships, or planes moving along a route (3) :  congestion of vehicles <stuck in traffic>
b :  the information or signals transmitted over a communications system :  messages
a :  the passengers or cargo carried by a transportation system
b :  the business of transporting passengers or freight
:  the volume of customers visiting a business establishment <restaurant traffic>
:  a concentration of participants or players and especially defensive players <force difficult shots in traffic>
the traffic will bear
:  existing conditions will allow or permit <charge what the traffic will bear>

Examples of TRAFFIC

  1. Let's leave early to avoid rush hour traffic.
  2. Traffic is backed up to the bridge.
  3. Barge traffic was halted because of flooding.
  4. Airlines saw a decrease in passenger traffic this year.

Origin of TRAFFIC

Middle French trafique, from Old Italian traffico, from trafficare to trade in coastal waters
First Known Use: 1549

Rhymes with TRAFFIC



: to buy or sell something especially illegally


Full Definition of TRAFFIC

intransitive verb
:  to carry on traffic
:  to concentrate one's effort or interest; broadly :  engage, deal <a writer who often traffics in hyperbole>
transitive verb
a :  to travel over <heavily trafficked highways>
b :  to visit as a customer <a highly trafficked bookstore>
:  trade, barter
traf·fick·er noun

Examples of TRAFFIC

  1. <arrested him for trafficking in drugs>

First Known Use of TRAFFIC


Rhymes with TRAFFIC


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