geographical name \ˈtäŋ-kən; ˈtän-ˈkin, ˈtäŋ-\

Definition of TONKIN

region N Indochina bordering on China, since 1946 forming N part of Vietnam; chief city Hanoi
Ton·kin·ese \ˌtäŋ-kə-ˈnēz, ˌtän-, -ˈnēs\ or Tong·king·ese \ˌtäŋ-kiŋ-ˈēz, -ˈēs\ adjective or noun

Variants of TONKIN

Ton·kin or Tong·king \ˈtäŋ-ˈkiŋ\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Former French protectorate, mainland Southeast Asia, now constituting the greater part of northern Vietnam. It was part of China from the 2nd century BC until the Vietnamese won independence in the 10th century AD. The French seized the area in 1883, making it a protectorate; it was joined with other regions controlled by France in 1887 to form French Indochina. It was the chief focus in the area of anti-French fighting after World War II.


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