geographical name \ˈtō-(ˌ)gō-ˌland\

Definition of TOGOLAND

region W Africa on Gulf of Guinea between Benin & Ghana; until 1919 a German protectorate, then divided into two trust territories: British Togoland (in W; since 1957 part of Ghana) & French Togo (in E; since 1958 Togo)
To·go·land·er \ˈtō-(ˌ)gō-ˌlan-dər\ noun


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Former German protectorate, western Africa. Now divided between Togo and Ghana, it covered an area between the British Gold Coast colony and French Dahomey (now Benin). It was inhabited by a mixture of Ewe and other peoples. Its coastal area became a political unit of Germany in 1884; hinterland boundaries were established in 1897. In 1914 it was captured by Anglo-French forces and later divided into two administrative zones. The British zone was placed under control of the Gold Coast (now Ghana), with which it merged in 1957. The French zone became the independent Republic of Togo in 1960. Lingering sentiment for the reunification of Togoland, especially among Ewe people in Ghana, has occasionally strained relations between Togo and Ghana since independence.


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