noun tog·gle \ˈtä-gəl\

: a small piece of wood, plastic, metal, etc., that is pushed through a loop or hole to fasten one part of something to another part

computers : a setting that can be switched between two different options by pressing a single key, making a single choice from a menu, etc.

Full Definition of TOGGLE

:  a piece or device for holding or securing: as
a :  a pin inserted in a nautical knot to make it more secure or easier to slip
b :  a crosspiece attached to the end of or to a loop in something (as a chain, rope, line, strap, or belt) usually to prevent slipping, to serve in twisting or tightening, or to hold something attached
:  a device consisting of two bars jointed together end to end but not in line so that when a force is applied to the joint tending to straighten it pressure will be exerted on the parts adjacent or fixed to the outer ends of the bars; also :  a device with a joint using a toggle

Examples of TOGGLE

  1. Instead of buttons, the jacket has toggles.

Origin of TOGGLE

origin unknown
First Known Use: circa 1775

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computers : to switch between two options by pressing a single key, making a single choice from a menu, etc.

tog·gledtog·gling \-g(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of TOGGLE

transitive verb
:  to fasten with or as if with a toggle
:  to furnish with a toggle
intransitive verb
:  to switch between two options especially of an electronic device usually by pressing a single button or a simple key combination

Examples of TOGGLE

  1. The progam lets you toggle easily between two different views.

First Known Use of TOGGLE


Other Mechanical Engineering Terms

centrifuge, differential, flange, lathe, linchpin, pinion, plenum, ratchet, traction

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