noun tit·mouse \ˈtit-ˌmas\

: a small American bird

plural tit·mice \-ˌmīs\

Full Definition of TITMOUSE

:  any of several small North American oscine birds (genus Baeolophus of the family Paridae) that are related to the chickadees, have small bills and usually long tails, and have been sometimes placed especially formerly in a related genus (Parus)

Origin of TITMOUSE

by folk etymology from Middle English titmose, from *tit any small object or creature + mose titmouse, from Old English māse; akin to Old High German meisa titmouse
First Known Use: 14th century
TITMOUSE Defined for Kids


noun tit·mouse \ˈtit-ˌmas\
plural tit·mice \-ˌmīs\

Definition of TITMOUSE for Kids

:  a small active usually gray bird that feeds mostly on seeds and insects
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