preposition \təl, təl, ˈtil\

Definition of TILL

chiefly Scottish :  to
or 'til also til :  until

Examples of TILL

  1. We won't finish till next week.
  2. The event doesn't start till tomorrow.

Origin of TILL

Middle English, from Old English til; akin to Old Norse til to, till, Old English til good
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of TILL

:  until

Variants of TILL

till or 'til also til

Examples of TILL

  1. They kept playing till it got dark.
  2. He spun around till he was dizzy.

First Known Use of TILL

12th century


transitive verb \ˈtil\

: to prepare (soil, a piece of land, etc.) for growing crops

Full Definition of TILL

:  to work by plowing, sowing, and raising crops :  cultivate
till·able \ˈti-lə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of TILL

  1. The farmers are tilling the soil.
  2. <farmers tilling the soil from sunup to sunset>

Origin of TILL

Middle English tilien, tillen, from Old English tilian; akin to Old English til good, suitable, Old High German zil goal
First Known Use: 12th century

Related to TILL

Other Agriculture/Gardening Terms

fallow, graft, heirloom, loam, potash, soilage, swath, tilth, windfall


noun \ˈtil\

Definition of TILL

a :  a box, drawer, or tray in a receptacle (as a cabinet or chest) used especially for valuables
b :  a money drawer in a store or bank; also :  cash register
a :  the money contained in a till
b :  a supply of especially ready money

Origin of TILL

Middle English tille locker, chest
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Business Terms

amortize, caveat emptor, clearinghouse, divest, due diligence, emolument, green-collar, marque, overhead, perquisite


noun \ˈtil\

Definition of TILL

:  unstratified glacial drift consisting of clay, sand, gravel, and boulders intermingled

Origin of TILL

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1842


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In geology, the unsorted material deposited directly by glacial ice and showing no stratification. Till is sometimes called boulder clay because it is composed of clay, boulders of intermediate size, or both. The rock fragments are usually angular and sharp rather than rounded, because they are deposited from ice and have undergone little water transport. The pebbles and boulders may be faceted and striated from grinding while lodged in the glacier.


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