tiger shark


tiger shark


Definition of TIGER SHARK

:  a large gray or brown stocky-bodied requiem shark (Galeocerdo cuvieri) that is nearly cosmopolitan especially in warm seas and can be dangerous to humans — see shark illustration

First Known Use of TIGER SHARK

circa 1785

tiger shark

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Potentially dangerous shark (Galeocerdo cuvieri, family Carcharhinidae), found worldwide in warm oceans, from the shoreline to the open sea. Up to 18 ft (5.5 m) long, the grayish tiger shark has a long, pointed upper tail lobe, and its large teeth are deeply notched along one side. This voracious shark eats fishes, other sharks, turtles, mollusks, birds, carrion, and garbage, including coal, tin cans, and clothing. It is a source of leather and liver oil. See also sand shark.


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