geographical name \ˈti-və-lē, ˈtē-vō-\

Definition of TIVOLI

commune cen Italy in Lazio ENE of Rome pop 52,990

Variants of TIVOLI

Tiv·o·li or ancient Ti·bur \ˈtī-bər\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Town (pop., 2001 prelim.: 46,364), Lazio, central Italy. The site has been occupied continuously since prehistoric times. Originally an independent member of the Latin League and a rival of nearby Rome, Tivoli came under Roman influence in the 4th century BC. It received Roman citizenship in 90 BC and attained prosperity as a summer resort under the early empire. Many wealthy Romans built villas and erected temples in the vicinity, and the buildings' remains are among the most impressive to survive from antiquity. They include Hadrian's Villa and the poet Horace's Sabine farm. Tivoli is also the site of the Villa d'Este (begun AD 1550), with its magnificent gardens and unrivaled Renaissance fountains.

Variants of TIVOLI

Tivoli ancient Tibur


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