noun \ˈthrl\

Definition of THRALL

a :  a servant slave :  bondman; also :  serf
b :  a person in moral or mental servitude
a :  a state of servitude or submission <in thrall to his emotions>
b :  a state of complete absorption <mountains could hold me in thrall with a subtle attraction of their own — Elyne Mitchell>
thrall adjective
thrall·dom or thral·dom \ˈthrl-dəm\ noun

Examples of THRALL

  1. <I'm not your thrall, so you'll have to pick up after yourself.>
  2. <a people who still bear the scars of having been in thrall for so many years>

Origin of THRALL

Middle English thral, from Old English thræl, from Old Norse thræll
First Known Use: before 12th century


transitive verb

Definition of THRALL


First Known Use of THRALL

13th century


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