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thick and thin


Definition of thick and thin

  1. :  every difficulty and obstacle —used especially in the phrase through thick and thin <was loyal through thick and thin>

14th Century

First Known Use of thick and thin

14th century

Rhymes with thick and thin

bathtub gin, bobby pin, born-again, candlepin, catechin, come again, cotter pin, cotton gin, deadly sin, figure in, firing pin, Ho Chi Minh, listen in, listener-in, Lohengrin, loony bin, lying-in, mandolin, maximin, Mickey Finn, mortal sin, motor inn, ob-gyn, onionskin, palanquin, paper-thin, pelvic fin, rejoice in, rolling pin, rooming-in, safety pin, set foot in, Tianjin, underpin, underspin, Vietminh, violin, whipper-in

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an indentation on an edge or a surface

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