verb \ˈth\

: to stop being frozen or to cause (something) to stop being frozen

of weather : to become warm enough that snow and ice melt

: to return to a normal temperature after being very cold

Full Definition of THAW

transitive verb
:  to cause to thaw
intransitive verb
a :  to go from a frozen to a liquid state :  melt
b :  to become free of the effect (as stiffness, numbness, or hardness) of cold as a result of exposure to warmth
:  to be warm enough to melt ice and snow —used with it in reference to the weather
:  to abandon aloofness, reserve, or hostility :  unbend
:  to become mobile, active, or susceptible to change

Examples of THAW

  1. Plant the seeds in early spring as soon as the ground thaws.
  2. The sun will soon thaw the snow and ice.
  3. The weather is beginning to thaw.
  4. Our cold fingers and toes eventually thawed.
  5. She held the coffee cup tightly, trying to thaw her frozen fingers.

Origin of THAW

Middle English, from Old English thawian; akin to Old High German douwen to thaw, Greek tēkein to melt, Latin tabēre to waste away
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to THAW

Rhymes with THAW



: a period of weather that is warm enough to melt ice and snow

: a situation in which a relationship becomes more friendly and less angry

Full Definition of THAW

:  the action, fact, or process of thawing
:  a period of weather warm enough to thaw ice <the January thaw>
:  the action or process of becoming less aloof, less hostile, or more genial <a thaw in international relations>

Examples of THAW

  1. flooding from the spring thaw
  2. a thaw in international relations

First Known Use of THAW

15th century

Other Climate/Meteorology Terms

monsoon, occlusion, ozone, rime, squall, zephyr


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