adjective \ˈte-pəd\

: not hot and not cold

: not energetic or excited

Full Definition of TEPID

:  moderately warm :  lukewarm <a tepid bath>
a :  lacking in passion, force, or zest <tepid poetry>
b :  marked by an absence of enthusiasm or conviction <a tepid interest> <a tepid response>
te·pid·i·ty \tə-ˈpi-də-tē, te-\ noun
tep·id·ly \ˈte-pəd-lē\ adverb
tep·id·ness noun

Examples of TEPID

  1. He gave a tepid performance.
  2. My suggestion was given a tepid response.

Origin of TEPID

Middle English teped, from Latin tepidus, from tepēre to be moderately warm; akin to Sanskrit tapati it heats, Old Irish tess heat
First Known Use: 14th century

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