noun \-ˌgraf\

: an old-fashioned system of sending messages over long distances by using wires and electrical signals

: a device used for sending or receiving messages by telegraph

Full Definition of TELEGRAPH

:  an apparatus for communication at a distance by coded signals; especially :  an apparatus, system, or process for communication at a distance by electric transmission over wire
:  telegram

Examples of TELEGRAPH

  1. I sent the message by telegraph.


French télégraphe, from télé- tele- (from Greek tēle-) + -graphe -graph
First Known Use: 1794


transitive verb

: to send (a message) by telegraph

: to send a telegram to (someone)

: to make (something that you are about to do or say) obvious or apparent by the way you move, look, etc.

Full Definition of TELEGRAPH

a :  to send or communicate by or as if by telegraph
b :  to send a telegram to
c :  to send by means of a telegraphic order
:  to make known by signs especially unknowingly and in advance
te·leg·ra·pher \tə-ˈle-grə-fər\ noun
te·leg·ra·phist \-fist\ noun

Examples of TELEGRAPH

  1. He telegraphed a message to her.
  2. Please telegraph when you get there.
  3. Please telegraph me when you get there.
  4. The look on her face telegraphed bad news.
  5. He lost the boxing match because he was telegraphing his punches.

First Known Use of TELEGRAPH



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Electromagnetic communication device. In 1832 Samuel F.B. Morse made sketches of ideas for a system of electric telegraphy, and in 1835 he developed a code to represent letters and numbers (Morse code). In 1837 he was granted a patent on an electromagnetic telegraph that transmitted signals along a wire. That same year British inventors patented a telegraph system that activated five needle pointers that could be made to point to specific letters and numbers on their mounting plate. Public use of Morse's telegraph system began in 1844 and lasted more than 100 years. By the late 20th century the telegraph had been replaced in most applications in developed countries by digital data transmission systems based on computer technology. See also Western Union Corp.


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