noun \ˈtak-sē\

: a car that carries passengers to a place for an amount of money that is based on the distance traveled

plural tax·is \-sēz\ also tax·ies

Full Definition of TAXI

:  taxicab; also :  a similarly operated boat or aircraft

Examples of TAXI

  1. We caught a taxi to the restaurant.
  2. We went to the restaurant by taxi.

First Known Use of TAXI

circa 1907

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of an airplane : to move on wheels along the ground

: to direct an airplane as it moves on wheels along the ground

tax·iedtaxi·ingtax·is or tax·ies

Full Definition of TAXI

intransitive verb
a of an aircraft :  to go at low speed along the surface of the ground or water
b :  to operate an aircraft on the ground under its own power
:  to ride in a taxicab <taxied to the train station>
transitive verb
:  to transport by or as if by taxi
:  to cause (an aircraft) to taxi

Examples of TAXI

  1. The plane taxied slowly to the runway.
  2. The pilot taxied out to the runway.
  3. The pilot taxied the plane out to the runway.

First Known Use of TAXI



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