adjective \ˈtt\

: very tight from being pulled or stretched : not loose or slack

: firm and strong : not loose or flabby

: very tense

Full Definition of TAUT

a :  having no give or slack :  tightly drawn <a taut rope>
b :  high-strung, tense <taut nerves>
a :  kept in proper order or condition <a taut ship>
b (1) :  not loose or flabby <taut muscles>
(2) :  marked by economy of structure and detail <a taut story>
taut·ly adverb
taut·ness noun

Examples of TAUT

  1. The rope was drawn taut.
  2. The book is a taut thriller.

Origin of TAUT

Middle English tought, perhaps from tought, toughth fierce, tough, alteration of tough tough
First Known Use: 14th century


transitive verb

Definition of TAUT

:  mat, tangle

Origin of TAUT

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1721


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