noun \ˈtan-tə-ləm\

Definition of TANTALUM

:  a gray-white ductile acid-resisting metallic element found combined in rare minerals (as tantalite and columbite) and used especially in electronic components — see element table

Origin of TANTALUM

New Latin, from Latin Tantalus; from its inability to absorb acid
First Known Use: 1809


noun \ˈtant-əl-əm\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of TANTALUM

: a hard ductile gray-white acid-resisting metallic element of the vanadium family found combined in rare minerals and sometimes used in surgical implants and sutures—symbol Ta; see element table


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Metallic chemical element, one of the transition elements, chemical symbol Ta, atomic number 73. It is a dense, hard, unreactive, silvery gray metal with an extremely high melting point (5,425 °F [2,996 °C]). Relatively rare, it occurs native in a few places. It is difficult to separate from niobium, the element above it in the periodic table, with which it shares many properties. The most important uses are in electrolytic capacitors, corrosion-resistant chemical equipment, dental and surgical instruments, tools, catalysts, components of electron tubes, rectifiers, and prostheses. Its compounds are relatively unimportant commercially; tantalum carbide is used in machine tools and dies.


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