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take off


Definition of take off

  • transitive verb
    1. 1 :  remove <take your shoes off>

    2. 2a :  release <take the brake off>b :  discontinue, withdraw <took off the morning train>c :  to take or allow as a discount :  deduct <took 10 percent off>d :  to spend (a period of time) away from a usual occupation or activity <took two weeks off>

    3. 3 slang :  rob

    4. intransitive verb
    5. 1 :  to take away :  detract

    6. 2a :  to start off or away often suddenly :  set out, depart <took off for her trip>b (1) :  to branch off (as from a main stream or stem) (2) :  to take a point of originc :  to begin a leap or springd :  to leave the surface :  begin flighte :  to embark on rapid activity, development, or growthf :  to spring into wide use or popularity

    Examples of take off in a sentence

    1. <I can only stay for a few minutes, and then I'll need to take off again.>

    2. <take off your coat and stay awhile>

    14th Century

    First Known Use of take off

    14th century

    Rhymes with take off

    back off, beg off, bind off, blastoff, blow off, break off, bring off, brush-off, bug off, bump off, burn off, buy off, call off, cast-off, castoff, change off, charge off, checkoff, check off, Chekhov, choke off, come off, cook-off, cry off, cutoff, cut off, die-off, die off, draw off, drop-off, drop off, dust off, face-off, face off, falloff, far-off, fire off, first off, flip off, fob off, get off, give off, go off, goof-off, handoff, hand off, hands-off, haul off, head off, hold off, jump-off, kickoff, kick off, kill off, kiss-off, kiss off, knockoff, knock off, Khrushchev, laugh off, layoff, lay off, leadoff, leave off, lie off, liftoff, make off, nod off, one-off, palm off, pass off, Pavlov, pawn off, payoff, pay off, peel off, pick off, pickoff, play-off, pop off, pull off, push off, put off, rake-off, reel off, rip-off, rip off, roll-off, rub off, runoff, Sarnoff, sawed-off, seal off, sell off, sell-off, send-off, setoff, set off, show-off, show off, shrug off, shutoff, shut off, sign off, sign-off, sound off, spin-off, spin off, square off, squeeze off, standoff, stand off, stave off, straight off, strike off, swear off, takeoff, Tambov, tap-off, teed off, tee off, tell off, throw off, tick off, tip-off, touch off, trade-off, turnoff, turn off, well-off, Wolof, work off, write-off, write off

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