take off


take off


Definition of TAKE OFF

transitive verb
:  remove <take your shoes off>
a :  release <take the brake off>
b :  discontinue, withdraw <took off the morning train>
c :  to take or allow as a discount :  deduct <took 10 percent off>
d :  to spend (a period of time) away from a usual occupation or activity <took two weeks off>
slang :  rob
intransitive verb
:  to take away :  detract
a :  to start off or away often suddenly :  set out, depart <took off for her trip>
b (1) :  to branch off (as from a main stream or stem)
(2) :  to take a point of origin
c :  to begin a leap or spring
d :  to leave the surface :  begin flight
e :  to embark on rapid activity, development, or growth
f :  to spring into wide use or popularity

Examples of TAKE OFF

  1. <I can only stay for a few minutes, and then I'll need to take off again.>
  2. <take off your coat and stay awhile>

First Known Use of TAKE OFF

14th century


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