noun tail·gate \ˈtāl-ˌgāt\

: a door at the back of a vehicle (such as a station wagon or pickup truck) that opens downward and that can be lowered or removed to make it easier to load things into the vehicle

Full Definition of TAILGATE

:  a board or gate at the rear of a vehicle that can be removed or let down (as for loading)
[from the custom of seating trombonists at the rear of trucks carrying jazz bands in parades] :  a jazz trombone style marked by much use of slides to and from long sustained tones

First Known Use of TAILGATE


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: to drive too closely behind another vehicle

: to have a tailgate party


Full Definition of TAILGATE

intransitive verb
:  to drive dangerously close behind another vehicle
:  to hold a tailgate picnic
transitive verb
:  to drive dangerously close behind
tail·gat·er noun

Examples of TAILGATE

  1. He hit the car in front of him because he was tailgating.
  2. They started tailgating at 10 o'clock.

First Known Use of TAILGATE




Definition of TAILGATE

:  relating to or being a picnic set up on the tailgate especially of a station wagon

First Known Use of TAILGATE

TAILGATED Defined for Kids


noun tail·gate \ˈtāl-ˌgāt\

Definition of TAILGATE for Kids

:  a panel at the back end of a vehicle that can be lowered for loading and unloading


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